Vino-de-Naranja---Frutas-ElaboraciónHow is Tarongino made?

The main ingredients for creating Tarongino, are patience, passion for what we do and orange juice.

It all starts in our green orchards of Valencia, Spain, where our oranges, grapefruits and blood oranges are carefully grow our under the heat of the Mediterranean sun. When the oranges, grapefruits and blood oranges have reached perfect ripeness, with the optimal quantity and combination of sugars, they are handpicked, one by one. In this way, we obtain a sweet juice, with low acidity and lots of minerals, trace elements and bio-flavonoids.

Thanks to a natural, low-temperature fermentation technique that preserves the quality of the process, we obtain a chilled drink of 100% organic orange, grapefruits or blood oranges juice. After a couple of months, Tarongino reaches an alcohol Vol. level of 7% and an exceptional taste. In the final phase, we macerate the rind of the orange for a few days, releasing its essential oils. This provides us with soft and pleasant citrus aromas in the nose and on the tongue.

We filter the product up to four times in order to get a bright, clear liquid that will delight even the most discerning palates.


Bottling is done manually, bottle by bottle, thus guaranteeing the quality of the product.

The process is unique and much more exclusive than with grape wines. From 100 kg of oranges, we get only 20-25 litres of Tarongino.

Finally, we seal and label the bottles.

After three months of delicate work we finally get…

Tarongino, the Essence of the Mediterranean.