Mohammed Ahmed

Mohammed-TaronginoMohammed Ahmed (Mandi Bahauddin – Pakistan – 1980)

Always has the last word in our Tarongino tastings, he is so critical that we’re going to send him to work for one of our competitors.

Inspired by Blasco Ibañez’s writings, he spends his time among the orange trees – pruning, watering… even letting the fruit trees experience Pakistani music through the speakers of his mobile phone. Sometimes Javier and Gonzalo say that he pampers the trees too much, but Guillermo always forcefully silences these voices saying that it can never be too much.

Mohamed believes that the Internet is the greatest invention, and he is fascinated by the ability to bring people together and connect them in order to share experiences. Is this why he makes free calls to Pakistan every week?

Tolerant and understanding, he applies the philosophy “”Live and let live“.




“Right after they took the picture, I ate one of those oranges behind me. I have low Vitamin C levels.”


Quienes Somos


May 3, 2015 8:59 am


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