Juan Alberto Anaya

Juan-Alberto-Anaya-TaronginoJuan Alberto Anaya (Valencia – Spain – 1982)

Oenologist, graduate in food science and technology, chemical engineer… we think he might have one more degree which he chose not to tell us about out of humility. Loose tongues in academic circles have rumored that he also has a master’s degree in palm reading, tarot cards and karmic-esoteric astrology.

In any case, Juan is a true magician of winemaking.

Like Galileo, he is condemned by some, but admired by everyone. He has had the courage to take on the challenge of making an Orange Wine, a heresy for a handful of diehards, but a miracle for those people who see that change and diversity can lead us towards advancement and progress.

A tireless worker and as much of a perfectionist as Guillermo, this means that moving something forward can take forever, but the results are guaranteed to be worth the wait.

SHis desire in life seems a little bit sappy, but here it goes: He wants wine to unite men and women from different countries, cultures and races..

“Well, in the photos I look pretty normal with a nice expression. I’m not wearing glasses and I don’t look like a nerd.”


Quienes Somos


May 3, 2015 9:00 am


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