Gonzalo Antelo

Gonzalo-Antelo-TaronginoGonzalo Antelo (Valencia – Spain – 1983)

He holds an advanced degree in Business Management and Marketing.

His dream is that Tarongino will one day be drunk at the permanent Antarctic bases, on the International Space Station and in the underwater Aquarius research centre.

The middle brother of the family, Gonzalo is outgoing, friendly, but easily irritated at the small daily injustices of life, like buying bread today yet eating yesterday’s bread, or when the hot water takes over two minutes to get to the shower, or trying to find a somewhat pleasant mobile phone ringtone. Faced with great social and environmental injustices, he is able to fight on until the end and find a way to succeed by the skin of his teeth – more than one of his adversaries carries his bite marks on their forearms.

Gonzalo hopes we can sell Tarongino because people like its freshness, its vitality, and know how to appreciate the authentic and natural content of each bottle, but he does not want us to become rich with this business, though the rest of us disagree with him on this point.

“Well, I came out pretty well in the photo, but… why did I keep this Pancho Villa mustache?”


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May 3, 2015 9:06 am


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