Tarongino Tarongino is unique and exclusive in its sector due to its its naturalness and vitality..

It has great potential for reaching high sales levels both in the domestic market as well as in various foreign markets.

We give 100% support to distributors by:

  • Organizing tastings for customers.
  • Explaining the product to customers.
  • Accompanying salespeople in their presentations of Tarongino.
  • Making agreements for special offers and launch promotions.


Domestic Market:

When to consume Tarongino?
Perfect for aperitifs and cocktails.
Ideal for selling by the glass.

Who is Taronginofor and where?

  • Terraces and patios.
  • Areas with large influxes of tourism.
  • Chill-out places.
  • Gourmet food stores.
  • Medium-high level restaurants for aperitifs or desserts.

Presentation of Tarongino

The product is distributed in special 500 ml Bordeaux bottles in cardboard boxes of 6 units.

It is best consumed chilled in a wine glass.
If consuming a full bottle, we recommend serving it in an ice bucket.
Due to its aromas of orange and slightly bitter touches, it is ideal for the preparation of cocktails in combination with other spirits, for example, Gin or Vodka.

International Market:

The main strengths of Tarongino,give it a high value compared to other beverages, including grape wine.

  • Product that is unique, different and exclusive.
  • Possesses organic certification, highly valued in foreign countries (Anglo-Saxon, Asian, Nordic countries…).
  • Made with oranges and clementines from Spain (Valencia), highly appreciated in international markets.
  • Drink that is fresh and smooth, conveying the values of Mediterranean culture.

Download the Tarongino fact sheet
With all the information on production, tasting notes, etc.